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Dr. Eduardo López Bran


Juan Hurtado de Mendoza 15

Madrid, 28036




Medical Background:

EDUARDO LÓPEZ BRAN is Professor and Chairman of Dermatology at Hospital Clínico and Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

Pioneer adopting the most advanced techniques; he is recognized as the most prestigious hair restoration dermatologist worldwide.

Founder and CEO of Clínica IMEMA, he was honored with the 100 Best Ideas in 2014 due to the introduction of the ARTAS Robot in Spain made by its clinic and the first to do so with the 2nd ARTAS Robot generation in Europe.

Member of the Advisory Board of Restorations Robotics, and Clínica IMEMA is the first clinic in Europe awarded with the ARTAS Clinical Excellence.

Director of the Institute of Skin Diseases and Surgery of Hospital Clínico San Carlos de Madrid.

He holds numerous awards due to his excellent professional activity, being honored as Extraordinary Doctorate Award.

He is also author of more than 300 scientific publications, and he has participate in more than 60 world clinical trials, among others, the ones related to the Minoxidil and Finasteride.

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ARTAS Videos:

ARTAS Procedure Video

ARTAS Procedure Video

ARTAS Patient Experience Video

ARTAS Patient Experience Video

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