Donor Area

Your Donor Area

A critical area on your head to consider is where your hair is being harvested from.

This is called the donor area and consists of an area on the back and sides of your head where hair is not affected by the hormone that causes male pattern baldness. This is permanently growing hair and when transplanted to your balding areas, continues to grow as it did before it was transplanted. It is important to ensure your donor area will look unblemished and your harvested area will look undetectable.

Your donor area is just as important as your transplant area. After your hair grows in where it was trimmed for your ARTAS® Robotic Procedure, your donor area should look intact and undetectable. A long scar or patchy looking donor area is an undesirable giveaway that you have had a hair transplant. You want your outcome to look undetectable. Your friends, family, loved ones and business associates should just think you look better, revitalized and more refreshed, without your procedure being obvious.

Donor Area 2 Months Post-ARTAS
Donor Area Before ARTAS

Three Months Post-ARTAS

Donor Area Hair Lengths, Three Months Post-ARTAS
Dr. Robert M. Bernstein

Dr. Robert M. Bernstein – ARTAS Physician

“The ARTAS Robotic System provides a comprehensive suite of tools to minimize the detectability of wound scars post-surgery and maintain the natural appearance of the donor area.”

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